Message from Men's County Secretary

Good Morning All
Yesterday I was advised that the money refunded from Bowls England was being deposited in our Joint Account and as soon as we have clarified refunds with the Women’s Section which will be repaid at the same time - and arranged for money to be transferred into the Men’s Section Account, we will, from that account, commence to refund this money to the accounts of the clubs.
However I believe there are several clubs who have still not provided the Treasurer with their Bank Account details and without that information a club will not get a refund, as the only way this County now pays out money from the Men’s Section Account, is by Bank Transfer with two authorisations. If your club has not supplied these details please do so asap.
Please do not chase for this money, we will action bit by bit, but have a large amount to pay out and can only do so much each day!
Thank you.
Yours in Sport
Rod McBeth
Hon. Secretary - Sussex County Bowls - Men’s Section

County Administrator for 2020

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