National Honours

Sussex Winners and Runners-up
National Championships
1921 Singles J Harwood R-Up
1921 Pairs R John & J Harwood  
1926 Rink R  Robinson,C Wheater,WR Cripps and R John    
1929 Singles EF Grudgeon R- Up
1934 Rink A  Cole,WL Bevan,SC Griffin and R Whiteside     
1936 Singles AW Knowling Jnr R-Up
1936 Pairs J Fountain & W Weeks     
1937/8 Pairs AW Knowling Sen. & Jun.    
1947 Singles PP Mercer    
1947 Triples AW Knowling  Jun. AW Knowling Sen. and FH Sparks R-Up
1949 Triples H Mann,HC Skingly and HP Brazier    
1955 Pairs HJF Ward and GH Scadgell   
1957 Pairs GF Sparks and AW Knowling Jun    
1961 Rink GF Sparks,HJF Ward,AW Knowling and GH Scadgell   
1964 Fours J Evans,H Turrell,JB Hogan,and RE Lewis    
1964 Singles GH Scadgell R- Up
1965 Singles RE Lewis    
1966 Pairs R Glover-Phillips and GH Scadgell   
1986 Fours A Clarke,C Reynolds,M Fever and D Whetstone R- Up
1989 Triples P Butler,C Knight and A Jordan   
1992 Pairs J Durrant and R Moses R-Up
1993 Triples P Lewis,M Ireland and D Williams   
1993 O55 Singles J Davis    
1993 O55 Pairs W & E Hayward R-Up
1994 U18 Singles O Ovett R-Up
1995 Fours J Morley, M Rapley, L Prince and J Pannett   
1995 O55  Pairs K Broughton and F Palmer    
1995 C of C C Wright   
1997 O55 Pairs M Truran and I Gooding R- Up
1998 O55 Pairs D Alderton and B Miller R-Up
2000 O55 Pairs C Reyolds and I Watson    
2001 U25 Singles D Hubbard   
2007 U25 Singles S Holland    
2008 U25 Singles A Sexton   
2010 O55 Pairs D Welsh and J Morley     
2010 Singles S Edwards R- Up
2012 Triples G  Newton, N Wingfield and S Godfrey    
2012 O55 Singles W Crittle   

Tony Allcock

Double Mixed Fours

M Atkins,S Foxwell,R Green and K Holman

T Hughes, T Palmer, C Watson, I Watson, S Willmott

1962 Fours         GF Sparks,HJF Ward,AW Knowling and GH Scadgell             (Worthing)
1964 Fours J Evans,H Turrell,JB Hogan and RE Lewis R-Up (Preston)
1965 Singles RE Lewis R-Up (Preston)
1989 Triples P Butler, A Jordan and C Knight R-Up (Southbourne)
2008 U25  Singles S Holland     (Polegrove)

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