Club Celebration Matches

Clubs may apply to the County Match Secretary for a Celebration Match to recognise an anniversary or a special event. Celebration Matches will normally be granted for 50th, 60th, 75th and Centenary anniversaries and for 25 year stages after that.

Matches for other anniversaries and special events, such as opening of a new Club House may be granted at the discretion of the County President.

For all matches the County President will normally bring a team of six rinks Men which will include a number of Senior Officers and a selection of players from all over the county.

Mixed matches may also be requested and arranged subject to agreement by the Sussex County Bowls (Ladies Section) President.

Matches will usually start at 2.00 pm and Clubs should ensure tea/coffee and light refreshments such as sandwiches or buffet are available for purchase before the game.

Following the match Clubs should normally provide a main meal for players and guests.

Matches are usually not subject to Match Fees but after the match the County President will normally make a Donation to the host Club’s Funds.

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