Home Counties, Middleton Cup, Balcomb Trophy 2021

Home Counties, Middleton Cup, Balcomb Trophy 2021

Main Sponsor of Home Counties Middleton Cup and Balcomb Trophy

Press Team to see who is Selected OR Press Result for Score
Result MC1 Sat 3rd 11.00 Surrey MC1 Maidstone BC ME 16 0SD
Result MC2 Sat 10th   Berks MC2

Bannister Park BC

SO50 9HT
Result BAL Sun 11th 10.30 Kent BAL Worthing Pavilion BC BN14 7EQ
Result HCL1 Sat 17th 11.30 Berks HCL1 Suttons BC RG6 5HQ
Result HCL Sat 14th 10.00  Kent HCL Bromley BC  BR1 3JF  
Team MC4 Sat 24th 12.30 SCB MC if sucessful on 24th Jul MC Not known at present  
Result HCL Sat 18th 10.30 Hampshire HCL Egham BC TW20 9LX

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