Club Development Programme

Funding Available To Assist Club Development

Is your club losing members? Do you need support to recruit new members and retain current members?

The Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) is inviting clubs affiliated to Bowls England to join its Club Development Programme – with funding of up to £500 available to each club that signs up. The programme offers support and guidance to help clubs to sustain and grow their membership, support volunteers, upskilling their volunteers and coaches, providing new opportunities for those with a disability to play the sport, promoting the club effectively and attracting funding for facility development if required.

Support offered will vary depending on each club’s needs and present circumstances, but the overall package includes:

  • Identifying the main challenges the club is facing and look at how to overcome them
  • Sharing case studies and examples of best practice from clubs around the country
  • Offering clubs a variety of templates, forms and other materials they can use either instantly or after bespoke modifications
  • Linking clubs with influential local groups and organisations that they can benefit from
  • Dedicated support from a member of the BDA team

For more information, visit the BDA website: Alternatively, telephone George Babalev (Club Development Co-ordinator) on 07826 929604 to discuss if the programme is right for your club. The Criteria: To be eligible to apply, clubs need to meet the following criteria:

  • Clubs must be affiliated to either Bowls England or the English Indoor Bowling Association.
  • Clubs must have seen a net membership decline of 3% or more over the past 2 years.
  • Clubs must be willing to be proactive and take on tasks set out in a Development Plan.
  • Clubs must have a demonstrable capacity for membership growth.

Issued by Bowls England 21st March 2019

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