Constitution Womens Section


The Association shall be called Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section and shall be a member of Sussex County Bowls and shall be affiliated to Bowls England.


The objects of the Association shall be: -

  • (i)To promote, foster and safeguard the sport of flat green bowls at all levels in Sussex providing opportunities for recreation and competition as laid down by the Rules of Bowls England.
  • (ii) To interpret for affiliated Clubs difficult or doubtful questions of law or practice, and to arbitrate in all differences referred to it by and among affiliated Clubs.
  • (iii) To hold Annual Competitions.
  • (iv) To arrange inter-County matches


  • (a)The Association shall be open to all women’s clubs and sections of bowling clubs in Sussex provided that such Clubs possess level greens with a playing surface in addition to banks and ditches as defined by the Laws of the Sport.
  • (b)Clubs playing on Municipal or other Public Greens should possess a permit from the Municipal or other authority allowing them the use of rinks for competition purposes.
  • (c)Applications for membership must be made to the Hon. Secretary. Any Club applying for membership shall give the names of its office bearers, the situation and size of its green and whether grass or artificial, after which the application will be considered by the G.P.C. and ratified by the Executive Committee.
  • (d)Each affiliated Club will make an annual return of its office bearers and playing members to Hon. County Secretary.
  • (e) Each club shall have authority within its own Association and shall have power to draw up or amend its own Constitution provided however that the Constitution of every club shall contain the following provision; “All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game, as approved by Bowls England. The club and its members shall, as a condition of the continuance of affiliation to Bowls England, at all times and in all respects conform to and be bound by the Constitution of Bowls England”.


  • (a)The Annual Affiliation fee due to Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section shall be fixed at the Annual General Meetings - Clubs are required to pay this fee on a per capita basis for each member. Similarly, a per capita fee shall be paid to Bowls England through the County Association annually, the amount of which they will notify Sussex County Bowls.
  • (b)The Affiliation fees shall be requested by the County Officers annually and will be required to be received by them at a date that will be set out on the Affiliation form. Failure to pay the dues by the due date will disqualify the club from participating in the affairs of SCB until such fees are paid.


  • (a)The business of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee comprising of: the President, Immediate Past President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Assistant Treasurer, Hon. Competition Secretaries, plus one lady delegate from each affiliated club. Only Club delegates shall be entitled to vote, twenty-five to form a quorum. All Past Presidents,  Life Members, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund and Elected Selectors shall be members of the Executive Committee, but without power to vote unless also representing a Club. No person in whatever capacity shall have more than one vote in any one matter. In the event of any tie in voting the President or her authorised Deputy shall exercise her casting vote.
  • (b)The Executive Committee shall meet at agreed intervals not less than three times a year including the AGM.
  • (d)Clubs may substitute their delegate at any time by giving notice to the Hon. Secretary.
  • (e)Emergency matters to be dealt with by an “Emergency Committee” comprising the President, Immediate Past President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.
  • (f)Disciplinary matters shall be dealt with by the GPC or Emergency Committee as appropriate in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of Bowls England. In all matters relating to discipline and allegations of misconduct, Bowls England Regulation 9 will apply. Providing the Regulations are then adhered to in their entirety, decisions of an appeals Committee based on procedure and the rules of natural justice should prevail.


  • (a)The General Purposes Committee shall consist of the President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, immediate Past President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and the Competition Secretaries. Five to form a quorum.
  • (b)The duties of this Committee shall be to make recommendations to the Executive Committee, deal with business referred to them and with any matters that may arise between Executive Committee Meetings.
  • (c)The General Purposes Committees shall have the power to fill by Co-option vacancies occurring in the Committee with the exception of Presidential officer vacancies.
  • (d)The General Purposes Committees shall meet at agreed regular intervals not less than three times a year.
  • (e)The General Purposes Committees shall appoint sub-committees as necessary to fulfil the County’s business.


  • (a)The Hon. Secretaries shall keep a record of all business transacted at all the meetings and submit a report at the Annual General Meeting.
  • (b)The Hon. Treasurers shall submit an annual statement of accounts at the Annual General Meeting.
  • (c)A copy of the Annual Statements of Accounts that shall have been examined by an Hon. Accounts Examiner and the notice convening the Annual General Meeting shall be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary and/or the Delegate of each Club.


  • (a)Executive meetings shall be held not less than twice a year, and shall be confined to members of the Executive Committee as provided in Rule 5a. All persons attending these meetings shall record their name and the Club which they represent in the book provided for that purpose.
  • (b)The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the end of November each year, and shall be open to all affiliated members. Voting shall be confined only to members of the Executive Committee as defined in Rule 5a.
  • (c)On receipt of a requisition signed by the Secretary of three or more affiliated Clubs, the Hon. Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting, such requisition to state the nature of the business to be transacted, and no other business than that so stated shall be transacted at such a meeting. Seven days' notice shall be given of all General and Special General Meetings. 



  • (a) At the Annual General Meeting a Junior Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Assistant Treasurer, Hon. Competition Secretaries, Hon. Assistant Competitions Secretaries, County Selectors and Sub-Committees shall be elected. Nominations for these Offices must be sent by the Nominee's own club on Club headed paper to the Hon. Secretary and received not later than a date to be notified. No nominations shall normally be required for the offices of President and Senior Vice President as those positions shall be filled by natural progression after one year, but in the event of a vacancy occurring, then nominations shall be accepted and an election will take place.
  • (b) Notwithstanding Rule 11 (a), in the event of a Presidential Office becoming vacant, the relating Vice President shall deputise, or, if considered expedient, a Special General Meeting may be called to fill such vacancy. Nominations for any of these offices must be sent by the Nominee's club to the Hon. Secretary not less then four weeks prior to the Special General meeting called for that purpose.


All affiliated members of the Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section shall be County Patrons. In addition, members may become Patrons of Bowls England on payment of a fee set annully by Bowls England.


Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section shall have the power to elect, on the recommendation of the relevant General Purposes Committee, Life Members in recognition for outstanding services to the Association. All nominations, in the first instance, shall be directed to the Hon. Secretary.


The G.P.C. shall draw up Rules and Regulations for their Competitions, but all County Competitions leading to the National Championship Finals must be played under the Rules of Bowls England.


  • (a) Nominations for the Selection Committee must be received by the Hon. Secretary not later than a date to be notified each year. Nominees must be the holders of a Sussex County (outdoor) badge, at the time of nomination.
  • (b) The General Purposes Committee shall have the power to fill by Co-option vacancies occurring in the Selection Committee.


Alterations of or additions to all or any of the foregoing Rules shall be made only at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose. Written notice of the terms of the proposed alterations must be sent to the Hon. Secretary not later than four weeks prior to the date of such meeting, and notice of such proposed alteration shall be sent to each Club with the notice convening the meeting.


All Clubs that supply a list of their members for whatever reason shall be deemed to be aware of the provisions of the Act relating to the disclosure of personal information and to have given their authorisation to such disclosure.


Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section acknowledges its responsibility under this  Legislation to ensure that nobody is unfairly discriminated against solely on grounds of gender, sexuality, age, race, religious belief, disability or level of personal income whilst participating, or seeking to participate, in the Sport of Bowls in Sussex.


Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section is committed to promoting a safe environment in which children and vulnerable adults can enjoy taking part in games of bowls. It will seek to underpin and enforce this commitment by following and promoting the relevant Child Protection Policy and Procedures of the National Governing Bodies..


It is the duty of every Club to ensure that each of its members is aware of these rules.


  • (a)All affiliated clubs are required to have adequate Insurance Cover.
  • (b)All Officers of Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section, except in the case of wilful default or fraudulent acts or omissions, shall be indemnified by and out of the funds of the Association against any loss, damage, expenses or liability incurred by reason of or in connection with any legal proceedings instigated against them or any of them for any act done, omitted or suffered in relation to the performance of their duties in respect of Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section, and the Association shall effect any appropriate Insurance Cover in respect of the indemnity provision in this clause at the expense of Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section.


Any matters, which arise, that are not covered by these Rules and Regulations shall be brought before the G.P.C. Committee for discussion and if necessary referred to the Executive Committee and then, if deemed to be appropriate, to the A.G.M. or an E.G.M. convened for that purpose.


In the event of the dissolution/liquidation of Sussex County Bowls Women’s Section, the funds and assets remaining after its assets and liabilities have been satisfied, including the costs and expenses of liquidation, shall be distributed to a sporting body which is established substantially or primarily for the purpose of promoting any game or sport, providing that the game or sport is conducted for the recreation and benefit of the general public of Sussex and no part of the income or other funds of the body corporate operating such sport is used or available to be used for the pecuniary profit of any proprietor, member or shareholder. 

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